It was love at first sight. My dream coat. The coat was so stylish and elegant due to it‘s beauty and high quality. I was so courageous to take the catwalk although I was only five years old. I was the most beautiful girl in a perfect coat which was designed by my mother.

Both, my sister and me, were observing the work of our mother in order to equal her courage, diligence and talent. After some time our dreams became visions – how to create a perfect dress for an active modern woman. We have fully embraced this idea and deep inside we had felt that we were able to make our dreams come true. We have started to examine the variuos clothing styles, interest in what women like. All the clothes had a common thread – they were beautiful, high quality and comfortable. One day the ideas we had in our heads turned into sketches, the sketches became drawings, the drawings became clipped fabric details, the fabric turned into prototypes, the prototypes became new products.

Our wish was to offer a woman the garment which is attractive, comfortable and easy to wear.

My sister and me have become an invincible team and that made us even more close. It was not easy and simple but we made it as we were happy  to surprise and fulfill all the women‘s expectations.

I wish all the increadible ideas that are deep inside in your soul could become wonderfull master pieces. Be ready to accept them.

Yours sincerely

Eugenija Galkauskienė