Eustilija is the Lithuanian company and manufacturer of women’s wear, which designs, sells and promotes women’s clothing under Introstyle and Introstyle Premium brands.

Founded in 1995, the company has grown from a small sewing enterprise, providing services for the European customers, to the company presenting its own collections and having five shops in major cities of Lithuania. The company designs and sells a total concept for women. For our clients we offer original style, competitive prices, first class quality and quick delivery options.

Introstyle since the early days of its establishment has grown firmly and steadily as a strong and unique Lithuanian fashion brand. The garments have been developed with passion, solid commitment to quality, functionality and attention to details. Each and every item carries its unique history and identity. Cosy comfort and elegance is the essence of our brand and, of course, our customers always are being in mind.

Introstyle premium – is a brand of excellent clothes made from premium fabrics. Stylish and cosy collections for the woman, who requires a complete lifestyle look, the collections present more classical, but not formal clothes and are dedicated for the woman, who is looking for the comfortable clothing for every occasion.

Wear the clothes made with love, wear the clothes loyal to you.